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    Joseph Bilton


    I just have a couple of questions about Soviet forces, and I’d appreciate some input

    1) In the Armies of the Soviet Union, it implies that the Rifle Squad can only be inexperienced. Is there no way to have a full Rifle squad but be at least regular?

    2) Lots of Scout unit miniatures are armed with Sniper rifles. Does this mean that they can shoot with the same Sniper rules that a dedicated sniper team would have?



    1 – no – inex rifles only.
    2 – what? No! The model’s armament is irrelevant to the rules. They are rifle armed as per the rules.

    Stuart Harrison

    1. It’a nor implied, the rifle squad is only available as inexperienced. You can achieve the desired effect by purchasing a regular LMG squad. pay for the 7 extra men, do not buy the SMG for the NCO or any LMGs and you have a 12 man rifle squad. The squad won’t be “green”, but that only benefits an inexperienced unit anyway. Both units have the option of AT grenades, so no difference.

    2. As Richard says, what your miniature is modelled with doesn’t change what the list allows it to be armed with. A rifle that happens to have a scope is just a rifle for game purposes unless the unit has a sniper rifle in it’s weapons line or as an option and you have paid for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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