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    This situation threw up lots of confusion:  2 Gallic war bands vs 4 small Camillan Roman infantry.

    (Q1) We assumed it is rolled as 2 fights. Is anything in support at the start of the round? (see pic) We assumed not as all units are engaged at the front.

    So after round 1. One Gaul unit won the fight. Its two Roman opposing units had to roll break tests. One gave ground, disordered.

    (Q2) What happens the Gauls one remaining Roman opposing unit? It just stops the Gauls going forward?

    (Q3) Moving on to the next turn and the fight continues where we left off. Who gets support?

    (Q4) As only half of the righthand Gaul units is in contact with the Roman small unit, does it only get half its attack rolls?




    Big Al

    1) Yes, it splits into two combats.

    2) If it’s break test result was to hold its ground, yes it stands and fights in the next turn.

    3) Nobody. The situation ended as it was in the diagram. All units are engaged, so there is nobody in a position to offer support to any friends.

    4) No, it gets its full number of attacks.

    If the unit that was forced to fall back wasn’t disordered and it was the Roman’s turn next, the unit could charge back into the fray, however, disorder prevents that.


    Very helpful. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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