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My group has tossed around a few ideas about how to make MMGs and LMGs more valuable as a tactical asset. This is the rule we came up with:


When shooting using a FIRE or AMBUSH order, man packed MMGs and LMGs (i.e. non-vehicle mounted) may opt to use Suppressing Fire. When using Suppressing Fire, ignore DOWN and cover modifiers to hit. However, the base to hit is 4+. The first successful hit puts a pin on the unit and every two hits after add an additional pin as well. No roll to damage is made.

We liked this rule because it gives machine guns a tactical use, applying several pins at once. And its not an automatic thing but is a choice the player has to make. So LMGs will have the chance to cause 2 pins, and MMGs can potentially cause 3 pins. Germans will benefit from this because the additional dice they get from Hitler’s Buzzsaw means they have a better chance for getting the hits needed to cause another pin. LMGs for them actually have the chance to cause 3 pins.

The base to hit being 4+ is reflected in the fact that suppressing fire is not intentional, accurate aimed fire but bursts of fire to pin the enemy down. This is also why no roll to cause damage is made either.