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L.T. Russell

Howdy Aidan!

The big German armored cars; Sdkfz 231 6-rads and 8-rads, Sdkfz 234/1/2 and 3 all have a special ability called “Dual Directional Steering”.  They have a driver facing both forwards AND backwards in the vehicle, with dual controls.  So if they have to recce out of trouble, they get a full movement in reverse….

Ursus infantry are a unit from Konflikt 47.  Basically a genetic experiment manipulating/combining human and bear DNA.  They are close assault MONSTERS, with special abilities like; Strong, Tooth and Claw, Tough, Resilient, Horror.  They are HARD to kill and led me to my love affair with automatic AA cannons….

AT grenades generically represent a number of countries different purpose-made and field expedient munitions for close-assaulting vehicles.  Kinda includes everything from magnetic shape charges, Molotov cocktails, magnetic AT mines, that German grenade thing with 6-7 extra grenade heads strapped around one Potato Masher, etc, etc.  During our Konflikt 47 league, the final scenario involved a bad guy with super Ursus infantry as body guards.  They had an armor rating of 7, like light armored vehicles.  I argued that my Panzer Zestorer unit should be able to use their AT grenades against these monsters, since they’re armored like a vehicle.  Our Rules Lawyer said no, since it’s not covered in the rules.  I counter-argued that the super Ursus aren’t covered in the rules either….but it was his scenario, so his rules.  I lost.  The Zestorer unit blew 3 of them up with their Panzerschrecks, then got torn apart in close combat.  I finally got the other 3 with a Flammespinne light Panzermech, that carries a flamethrower….