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Stuart Harrison

Dense terrain, you can see into our out of dense terrain, but you cannot see right through it.  This means a model in dense terrain can draw LOS to a model outside and shoot at them, but they can also have LOS drawn to them and be shot at in return.  Enemy shooting into the dense terrain will suffer the appropriate cover modifier unless the majority of the firing models can draw their LOS to models not in the dense cover.  Whether the unit in the dense terrain suffer a modifier shooting out will depend on how many are at the edge and not drawing their LOS through and inch or more of the cover, as per the cover text box, p57, Shooting From Cover heading.  You can’t draw LOS from a model outside the cover to an enemy model outside the cover if that LOS passes through dense terrain.

Yes.  Each firing model only needs to draw LOS to one model in the target unit to fire, but cover is assessed on the whole target unit – if you can’t draw clear LOS to at least half the target unit’s models with half your firing models they will benefit from the cover even if the models you can see are in the open.  Up side is that you’re not restricted to only being able to kill those you can see.

The majority of captured weapons are just an alternate model for the same effect – a rifle is a rifle, a SMG is an SMG etc.  The only ones you will need special rules for are weapons your nation doesn’t have access to – ie: panzerfausts for a nation without access to them in their army book – an example for US airborne is provision for the 82nd Airborne to have access to up to two panzerfausts per squad in up to 50% of their squads for scenarios from Campaign Market Garden – p51 of that campaign book.  The same section makes provision for the British 21st Independent Company to use captured MG42s (specifically without the ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’ special rule).
If you want to use something you can’t find guidelines/rules for, you would need to discuss it with your opponent or proxy it for something you do have provision for (ie: play an assault rifle as an SMG.