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Small arms NEVER get damage modifiers against armour (DV7+ vehicles)

Only heavy weapons (ie those with a PEN value of at least +1) get to use those modifiers.

(sorry cant give the page number… but underneath the table of damage values in the vehicle section… just before the modifiers chart)
Because armoured targets have a damage value of 7+ or greater it is impossible for them to be damaged by small-arms fire. Hits from small-arms fire are ignored, they cannot damage the vehicle and hits do not pin. Note that open-topped armoured targets are an exception to this general rule, as described.  When shooting against armoured vehicles with a heavy weapon, the following penetration modifiers apply in addition to the weapon’s own modifier as <snip>

Important parts i’ve highlighted in bold

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  • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by Nat.