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L.T. Russell

Howdy martyn!

It was a fair question.  One a the main reasons for the development of the M1 Carbine was for weapons crews, who were generally not issued infantry rifles, to have something more effective that a pistol.  In the books, HQ units generally list under Weapon; “Pistol, submachinegun, rifle or assault rifle as depicted on the model.  I’m sure there’s all kindsa exceptions through the various scenario and army books.  I know that the German “Panzer Zerstorer Gruppe” might have up to 3 Panzerschrecks, but the whole gruppe are armed with SMGs….

In my own experience, admittedly post-WWII, machinegunners and AGs were issued pistols.  On a medium MG team, the Ammo Carrier had his rifle.  When operating as a two-man LMG team, I’d have my AG draw a rifle, instead of a pistol….