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You have a truck + 3 teams = 4 dice in the bag for units waiting to be deployed.

When you pull a die to deploy you can choose what unit to deploy – until this point the unit is NOT in the truck, it is separate deployment… So yes, you can deploy a team into the truck when the truck is still waiting to be deployed….

You may see that you dont want to deploy any of your teams in the truck this game even though last game you put all 3 teams in the one truck.  Or you could put 2 in and leave the third elsewhere depending on the situation on the table.

NOTE i’ve used teams in the example as squads are normally 5-15 men and most trucks have a capacity of 12.

Now IF you deploy the teams into the truck and place the truck in reserve then yes on turn 1 you can issue the DOWN order to units on the truck or the truck in any order you like.  During deployment you dont issue orders to anything.  You are just pulling order die from the bag to decide who (which player) has to deploy a unit.

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