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Stuart Harrison

From the FAQ:

“The Einstossflammenwerfer entry on page 35 states that these are
one-shot weapons. So we have two questions about the interaction of
the one-shot weapon and the flamethrower rule:
1) Can you confirm if single-shot flamethrower models are removed
once they have shot?
2) If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, and I choose not to shoot both
flamethrowers in the same turn, what happens then? If only one
shoots and is removed, does the surviving model have to test morale
because half the unit was destroyed?
If only one FT is fired, the one-shot weapon rule tells us to
replace the model with an unarmed model. When the second FT
fires (or if both fire in the same turn), the team has no more FTs,
so the FT rule tells us the whole team is removed. “