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Hi Cliff, and welcome to the Bolt Action group.

I like what you did with your BA dials. Funny how a lot of gamers think alike. Back when I first started, I too had made some similar dials to you did, but yours look nicer!

Later though, I started to use markers that would blend in better with the game’s models and figures. You know, it was now about the aesthetics and all that. Also, a couple of members in our club were making some really nice ones. Even better, I won a set of these in a club contest, so I started using them.

I don’t have any pictures of the BA dials we use, but I found a couple on the web that look a lot like what we use.

The bottom picture doesn’t have the flocking and stuff to make it match the figure’s bases, but it is probably the closest to what we use.

That being said, your dials look nice, and I really like how you have marked out the veteran, regulars, and green breakpoints, and to answer your questing if this is this a good thing or nah, it is a matter of perspective and what you and your fiends like. However, I have found that smaller markers are more convenient than larger ones. If that helps.