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Cliff C

Scenario 2 – Captain Kim’s Recon Patrol

Captain Young Oak Kim’s daring recon raid to capture German soldiers for intelligence is the stuff of legend. Five lightly armed Nisei snuck of the Anzio beachhead, past enemy frontline outposts and into the rearguard using nothing more than wheat fields and drainage ditches for cover. Once there, they took two prisoners at gunpoint and snuck back to their own lines, risking capture and death at every turn. This scenario is meant to be a quick skirmish, either as a warm-up before the main event or for when time is limited and you still want to get in a game of Bolt Action.


Opposing Forces
This scenario is played between a squad of German soldiers and a squad of Americans. Each side may pick a single Infantry squad, with the Germans choosing from those available in the 1943-44 Defence of Italy selectorin the Armies of Germany book and the Americans choosing from the 100<sup>th</sup> Infantry Battalion reinforced platoon selector.

In this scenario, the Americans are trying to infiltrate the German camp to capture prisoners for interrogation. The scenario should only a 4’ x 4’ table (or half of an 8’ x 4’ table) The terrain should consist of low cover, such as fields of wheat, ditches and low walls.

The German players may deploy their models anywhere on their sector of the table. The American player must deploy all their models from their table edge but start hidden.

Special Rules
Rear Areas:
Because the action takes place behind the front lines, units are not maintaining strict discipline. As such, they are not required to remain within 1” of another model in their unit.

Limited Visibility:
Due to the nature of the terrain, as long as the Americans do not execute a run order, the Germans will not spot them further away than 6”. If a German unit moves within 6” of an American model, that model is immediately revealed and can be fired upon by other Germans. However, if an American model can move within 3” of a German without being spotted, that German model is considered captured. The models move together as a team but can no longer shoot.

The attacker is attempting to capture troops for intelligence, the defender is patrolling their rear areas.

Game Duration
The game ends when either the Americans return to their table edge or are wiped out.

If the Americans return to their table edge with a German prisoner they win, if the Americans are wiped out, the Germans win. Any other circumstance is considered a tie.

By Robert Morrison