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<p style=”text-align: center;”>Let see if I get the example right now.</p>

In the set-up. German player deploys a sniper team inside a building on the second floor.

Then in the first turn, the British player deploys a Cromwell tank. The Cromwell tank advances and fires its main gun with HE (2″) and its machine gun to a second floor of a building where a German sniper hides.

To see if it hits, measure distance = 23 inches. The medium AT gun is 60 inches, so it is short range. The Snipe team goes DOWN.  Ignoring penalties for cover, the penalty is for moving, small team and down, so a double 6 to hit. Roll and gets a lucky 6 and the another 6. HIT!

Now the number of hits: the sniper team is DOWN so half rounding up. Roll a dice D6 (2″) to see the number of hits. Roll and gets a 5. Half rounding up is 3.

Finally roll for damage, German sniper is a veteran team of two. This means +5 (no extra protection for HE in buildings) but penetration is +2. This reduces the +5 to +3. Roll the 3 dice and gets: 2, 4, 6. The whole sniper team is wiped out! It is now unnecessary to fire the machine gun, which is considered like fired and cannot try another target this turn.

Is this example correct now?

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