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Master Chief

    US Forward Observer and Airstrike on Buildings

I just picked up Bolt Action recently and am enjoying it very much. This may have been asked before but I have a couple of questions on the US Forward Air Observer and Airstrike on buildings.

My US battleforce consists of 3 US Reinforced Platoons. Can I do the following:
1) Select 1 US Forward Air Observer for each Reinforced Platoon.

2) Each US Forward Air Observer can call 2 airstrikes.

3) In any turn I can set up 3 airstrikes, one each for each Forward Air Observer, providing I get the required order dice.

Refer to the rules on page 125 for Airstrikes against buildings. Which “calibre” of HE should the aircraft use?

Does it depend on the aircraft type dice roll on page 86? Is it 2D6 for rolling 1-2, then 2D6 for rolling 3-4 (HE3), and 3D6 for rolling 5-6 (HE4)?