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This is the email thread from when I asked this question earlier this year:

“Good afternoon greg.

I received an answer from Alessio:

“Tiger Fear has no effect if a unit uses Banzai Charge. ”

Kind regards,

On Fri, 19 Jan at 2:39 PM , Lorenzo Pala <> wrote:
Good afternoon Greg.

Thank you for your message, I have forwarded it to Alessio, and I will reply here with his answer one I receive it.

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards,

On Fri, 12 Jan at 6:25 PM , herbstine <> wrote:
  During a recent game, we came across a situation where a Japanese unit was given a Banzai order, while a Tiger Fear vehicle was in sight.  The quandary was: since the Japanese unit always passes the order test to Banzai, does the Tiger Fear have any effect.  One side says no, the other says the Tiger Fear is a separate issue.  Please advise.”