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invisible officer

There was no AR pool for the Gruppe and Zug. The individual weapon was even entered in the Soldbuch and the soldier was fully responsible for keeping it in good condition. He aso had the Special Equipment like AR Magazine pouches and the Special Magazine loader.

Only in case of kia or wounded the AR or SMG went to another, replacing his K 98 that had to be given back to regimental store. The AR was entered in the Soldbuch of the new owner and the K 98 stricken. Germans had been masters of war but gods of paper war.

The LMG tactics are so deep rooted in German Training that no Leutnant would play around with them. Taking the core from a Gruppe was something that would make the Major inquiring a lot.
The Gruppe was the Basic, the men knew each other and knew how each member acts. So no shifting around in Platoon/Zug. The men hated to be with strangers. And nobody with AR gave it to another Gruppe.

You will see the pics of soldiers on Holiday with the rifle. In winter 44/45 the AR was taken home like any other rifle. It was not like the MG that was on unit inventory, the soldier had the pistol as his sidearm and took that home.

Well, some BA books include big historical xxxxxxxx