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invisible officer

The German Gruppe, Heer or Luftwaffe alike, was built around the light machine gun. So the standard one had 1 in early to mid war and often two in late war.
The FG 42 had been the idea of the “all in one” School but never replaced the LMG. Some 7.500 made 43-45, compare that to the inflated number of “Fallschirmjäger”(often without jump Training) serving 43-45.
The Sturmgewehr 44 too was never available in the large numbers the last OOB asked for. In late 44 still more LMG than Sturmgewehre at the front. So in a historical force you should have 1 -2 AR for any LMG but not more.

Hmm, ;-). The small 7,5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40 used early in war had no lineage to any US weapon in army use. Development started 1937 at Rheinmetal. The 10,5 cm LG is the child of that German design. At Kreta the 7,5 cm was a success but a bigger one was wanted. It fired the same grenades the Standard Heer 10,5 cm LFH used but with another carge.