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Svein, Damon and the team from TabletopBattle have been forging ever-onward in their video series, giving an overview of the entire of the Second World War in the form of Bolt Action Battle Report videos!

TabletopBattle LogoOver the past few months, the guys have been fighting-out the action on the Eastern Front through 1942 – including the iconic battles of Sevastapol, and Stalingrad. The are very keen to showcase a variety of Bolt Action armies and battle types – including small battles, large battles, Tank War armoured fighting, scenario-driven battles and all sorts of other exciting aspects of the Bolt Action game.

Here are just a handful of their latest videos;


1942: Russia. 2nd battle of Kharkov Russia vs Germany 1000pts


1942: Russia, Sevastapol. Germany vs 750 Russia 1500pts


1942: Russia, Sevastapol. Germany (1500pts) vs  Russia (750pts)


1942: Assault on Stalingrad. Germany (1497pts) vs Russia (865pts)


1942: Assault on Stalingrad. Germany (1497pts) vs Russia (865pts)


Terminator Genisys: Battle Report #3

For more videos, check out their YouTube Channel here – and take a look at for more information!