• ive posted this in the bolt action forums too but thought id put it here for those who haven’t already seen it, ive been working on making some custom rules for doctor who units in bolt action so you can also use your models in that game! so far ive got the daleks, cybermen, sontarans and timelords on the document however im always open to…[Read more]

  • for anyone still looking into this, i apologize for the hiatus but i have just added the sontarans, the cybus cybermen and i have started work on the time lords! (along with some new special rules)
    hope everything ive written is understandable and as always im open to some creative criticism and playtesting! have fun.

  • Quick Update, Daleks have been added to the list! they dont mess around that’s for sure

  • thanks 🙂 i included a google docs link on hte original post so you can check out what ive written up so far

  • Since the main range for Doctor Who: exterminate has now been shut down i thought id sit down for a bit and attempt to create some rules for the models in bolt action since they use the same scale of models, so far ive began to make the cybermen as a faction however i feel like i could use the community’s help a bit here for balancing and coming…[Read more]

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