Dirk Tietten


  • Hello,next question from me

    Can Landwehr/Miliz go in Mixed Formation ?

    I can not find something in the rules.I ask because Saxen line Musketiers are poor in Mixed Formation and the cost with 33p is the same linke Pr. Landwehr.So the trained Saxens are worse than Landwehr/Miliz ?

    Regards Dirk

  • Hello,and thanks for the answer

    Ich have my problems with the Sub.Special with the Rally and Follow me order.I think the  Sub. is too cheap for this orders.With all other orders like move or change the formation i have no problem.Now you have never problems to have your units in range.Feels like”Super Marauder” for me 🙂  Spezial for L…[Read more]

  • Hello,i have two questions about the Pr.sub-commander

    1. Can i take the sub for  Pr.Landwehr ?

    2 Can i make with the sub. Rally orders ? i now follow me orders are OK


    Regards   Dirk

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