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Claudia Zuminich’s German armour

Those of you who visit the Warlord Games Facebook page will have seen Claudia’s work already. It’s so good knew the rest of you would want to as well…

The first vehicle built and painted by Claudia’s fair hands is the Pz.Kfw IV ausf H – the workhorse of the German Armoured Divisions.  The level of weathering breathtaking, amply replicating field modifications as crews plaster mud on the armoured surfaces. Add in the ever-present dust that collects on vehicles at the front and it’s easy to see how vehicles could end up looking less than pristine!



Claudia is no slouch when paunting miniatures either – here are her results on the special edition figure of Otto Skorzeny that is free when you buy the Bolt Action Armies of Germany book directly from us at Warlord Games. Pictured during his daring rescue of Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini during Operation Eiche (Oak), Skorzeny is seen directing his troops as he makes for the Gran Sasso hotel and his target.

Next up is a return to vehicles and this simply superb end result on our Sd.Kfz 22 armoured car. Again making very good use of weathering, Claudia has brought the model to life.

Not content with jaw-dropping results from her painting and modelling, Claudia has produced the following photograph of her work. Incredible…

 Finally, for now, we have our Never Surrender figure (special model free with the Bolt Action rulebook) which depicts a British paratrooper carrying a fallen comrade to safety. The moody setting for this photograph really generates a great atmosphere.

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of Claudia’s talents – she’s beavering away on our screaming Eagles US Airborne miniatures at the moment…

We find our Facebook page as a great place for you to connect directly with Warlord Games and post your pictures and ideas, we sometimes make announcements or release things here first the free Armies of France army list for Bolt Action being a good example. To be notified of what we are doing just go along to our page and like us!


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