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New: Osprey – Ticonderoga 1758

View in Store Author: René Chartrand Illustrator: Patrice Courcelle Publication Date: 25 Oct 2000 Number of Pages: 96 On 5 July 1758 General Abercromby’s expedition against Fort Carillon set off from its camp. Within hours, tragedy struck. Some rangers ran into a French scouting party and in the fierce skirmish that followed Lord Howe, the…

Latest Products, Pike & Shotte

New: Osprey – Quebec 1759

View in Store Author: Stuart Reid Illustrator: Gerry Embleton Publication Date: 20 Apr 2003 Number of Pages: 96 What a scene!’ wrote Horace Walpole. ‘An army in the night dragging itself up a precipice by stumps of trees to assault a town and attack an enemy strongly entrenched and double in numbers!’ In one short…