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New: Pike & Shotte Galloper Gun

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Give your armies light and mobile support with the new Pike & Shotte Galloper gun.

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Our brand new Galloper Gun allows you to experiment with early combined arms tactics on your tabletop! Designed as a light cannon on a one-horse limber, it could keep pace with fast-moving cavalry units and provide instant fire support.

Traditional artillery batteries were slow and ponderous, unable to quickly redeploy and generally only useful when bombarding fortifications or static positions.

Adding a Galloper Gun to your cavalry battalia gives them firepower and flexibility. Dash down that open flank and pour fire into the sluggish pike blocks.

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Pike & Shotte Mobile Firepower

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This set contains:

  • 1 x Pike & Shotte Galloper Gun
  • 1 x Pike & Shotte Cavalry plastic boxed set