Konflikt '47

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: German Heavy Infantry KF’47

The Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry Squad bull their way forward through the war torn ruble strewn streets and hit hard into action: View in Store Rift-tech was rapidly used in the development of heavy armour for the Wehrmacht to ensure casualties in intense operations were kept to a minimum. One of the first nations to introduce…

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Spinne Light Panzermech

The Spinne Light Panzermech, combining the agility of an infantryman with the armour and firepower of a heavily built armoured car. View in Store The Spinne (Spider) speed and agility makes it almost the perfect recce vehicle for close terrain and urban environments. The open-turret allows the gunner/commander to maintain anti-air overwatch and maximises his…