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No Clothes? No Problem!

One would think that taking to the ancient, brutal battlefields in the buff where Celts and Imperial Romans clashed would be tactical suicide. However, it is documented that the ritual nudity with which Celtic Warriors fought was more than a little disconcerting to their Roman adversaries. These bands of Celtic Warriors, sometimes referred to as…

Ancient British, Celts, Hail Caesar, Latest News, Showcase

Woad on Wheels

We are pleased and proud to announce the new release of our three new Celt Chariots and Celt Civilians. Sharp-eyed readers will notice our Celtic Chieftain’s Chariot inspired by the late great artist Angus McBride’s painting featured in Osprey Publishing’s superb Gallic and British Celts. These models are a necessity to any chieftain worth his…

Ancient British, Celts, Hail Caesar


We’ve received lots of notes from you excited about our great artwork. One great suggestion from forum member SafetyStick was to make it available as a desktop wallpaper. We live but to serve… To personalise your desktop with our remarkable artwork select the resolution you require below. In the new window that opens revealing your…