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No Clothes? No Problem!

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One would think that taking to the ancient, brutal battlefields in the buff where Celts and Imperial Romans clashed would be tactical suicide. However, it is documented that the ritual nudity with which Celtic Warriors fought was more than a little disconcerting to their Roman adversaries. These bands of Celtic Warriors, sometimes referred to as Gaesaetae, formed distinct groups within the Celtic army and were proud to stand apart from their clothed brethren. Now you can represent these naked, berserk, ritual nutters in your own Celtic army with our Naked Celt Fanatics!

Naked Celt Fanatic Regiment

No Celt force will be complete without at least one regiment of these stark (literally), raving, lime-haired loonies! With a variety of weapon choices and the only proper severed head of some unlucky opponent, these models are perfect for any Barbarian army.  Form a unit of these ferocious, crazed warriors or add a pack or two to your plastic Celtic Warriors regiment for even more character…

Naked Fanatic with Spear and Shield:

Celt Naked Fanatic with Spear and Shield

Naked Fanatic with Sword and Severed Head:

Naked Celt Fanatic with Sword and Severed Head

Naked Fanatic with Spear and Helmet:

CElt Naked Fanatic with Spear and Helmet

Naked Fanatic with Sword:

Naked Celt Fanatic with Sword

We are making these excellent models available as a random pack of 8, an impressive regiment of 16 random models, and individually so you can tailor your force to your liking. All of them are waiting for you now in our webstore.