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Bolt Action: Night Fight scenario rules

Alessio Cavatore has been hard at work for us creating exciting new rules for fighting your Bolt Action games during night time operations or any other time where you experience limited visibility.

You can download them for free here!

download pdf

If you and your opponent agree, these rules are used during games that happen at night, and deal with limited visibility and mayhem caused by night operations. As mentioned earlier it can also be used for battle that occur in other situations of limited visibility, like in heavy fog, snow blizzards, sandstorms and the like.

Players can agree that the game is a true Night Fight, and so the Reduced Visibility rules apply throughout the game. Alternatively they can decide that they are playing a Dawn Assault game, a Longest Day game, or a Flare! game.

All of this is explained in the PDF download we have prepared for you. Click on the link above or the button underneath the pick it to download, and then right click and save to your PC.


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Perfect for those commando raids but It also contain rules for the  PANTHER Ausf G with infra-red sights and the Sd.Kfz 251/20 Uhu infra-red halftrack:


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