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Bolt Action – AAR: Campaign Road To Victory Game 4

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The fourth game in our Bolt Action campaign saw the Soviets rolling into the outskirts of a city in eastern Europe. The war has moved from Russia and into Europe itself. As the Soviets advance, the Germans desperately throw resources into slowing the Red Tide.

Soviet Task Force:

  • 1st Lt. Pavlov (Veteran)
  • Guards Squad (Veteran)
  • Guards Squad (Regulars)
  • Riflemen Squad (Inexperienced)
  • Riflemen Squad (Veteran)
  • Riflemen Squad (Veteran)
  • Riflemen Squad (Regulars)
  • 3 x Trucks (Regular)
  • 1 x M3 Halftrack (Veteran)
  • 1 x SU-100 (Regular)
  • 2 x T-28 (Regular)
  • 1 x MMG (Regular)

German Task Force:

  • 2nd Lt. Schmidt (Veteran)
  • Pioneer Squad (Veterans)
  • Grenadier Squad (Veterans)
  • Grenadier Squad (Veterans)
  • Volksgrenadier Squad (Regulars)
  • Volksgrenadier Squad (Inexperience)
  • 1 x MMG (Regulars)
  • 1 x PaK-40 (Regulars)
  • 1 x Quad 20mm Flakvierling (Regular)
  • 3 x Trucks/halftracks (Regulars)
  • 1 x Flak 88 (Regular)
  • 1 x Tiger (Regular)
  • 1 x King Tiger (Regular)

Artillery fire has shattered the city.

A Soviet SPG takes up position in a field.

While a Soviet armoured spearhead crashes into the city.

Supported by infantry who take up position in the rubble.

Both the Germans and Soviets use the buildings to cover their movement.

Soviet smoke attempts to blind the Germans.

A MG-34 opens fire on Soviet positions.

While other German defenders hold on to shattered structures.

A German AA position directs its fire toward Soviet soldiers.

While a German Tiger guards a roadway.

A German MG crew fall to accurate Soviet fire.

Russian infantry launch their assault on the city.

Soviet try to outflank the Germans using a back alley.

German infantry come under heavy fire.

A German 88 rotates to meet the advancing Soviets.

The German King Tiger drives forward to stop the on-rushing Soviets.

Soviet infantry assault a German position using SMGs.

The T-28 burst into flames after taking a hit by the King Tiger.

Soviet casualties mount under heavy fire.

German troops begin to reposition themselves.

Soviet troops outflank the Germans on the other flank and sneak past the now immobilized Tiger.

The Tiger crew panic an accidentally send a round into their anti-aircraft nest.

The Soviets start shelling German positions.

The few remaining Soviet infantry advance to take up new positions.

Soviet infantry press forward into German positions.

Soviets and Germans occupy adjacent buildings.

The Germans try to counterattack the Soviets, but are met with deadly Soviet fire.

After over-running the German counter-attack, the Soviets turn their attention to the remaining Germans.

Only the King Tiger stands between the Soviets and victory.

The SU-100 turns a building full of Germans into rubble with one shot.

The Soviets final overrun the German infantry.

In the last moments of the game, the Soviets take out the German infantry holding the objectives. A very close game. The Germans had it in the bag until the SU-100 turned a squad of Germans into a pile of bricks. If it wasn’t for that, the Germans would have held two of the three objectives.

After the game was done we rolled to add new units. I added two medics and opted to substitute one of them for another M3 Half-track. Colby added another Volksgrenadier squad and a forward air observer.

The battle for Eastern Europe!


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