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Black Seas: Fleets, Squadrons & Flotillas

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Looking for another way to get started with Black Seas? We’ve put together a few different deals to fill up your harbours!

Royal Navy & French Navy Fleets

These sets contain the following:

  • The Master & Commander Starter Set which includes the core rulebook and 9 ships of various classes, and comes with the Sea Wolf special miniature.
  • The Royal Navy Fleet or the French Navy Fleet which includes 3 frigates, 6 brigs and 1 First Rate.
  • HMS Victory or L’Orient – 1 First Rate

Black Seas Flotilla Actions

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The Carronade Era was characterised by flotillas of small ships fighting out on remote stations across the globe – check out these articles on the Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet and the Hunt for the Santisima Trinidad for examples of these actions!

The Flotilla Actions bundle gives you the Black Seas core rules and an array of small ships that can be configured into several different fleets depending on the kind of battles you want to fight!


Black Seas Squadron Encounters

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Third Rates proved to be the real workhorses of the Carronade Era, leading flotillas of smaller ships or striking out on their own to disrupt enemy commerce or raid isolated territories. They also formed the bulk of the battleline during fleet actions, their perfect balance of speed, firepower and manoeuvrability put to good use by every major navy.

The Squadron Encounters bundle gives you a copy of the core rules and six Third Rates which can be used to expand an existing fleet or start a new one!

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