Where do you play Warlord Games? The Sequel

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Right now, you will find Warlord Games products in hundreds of retail stores across the world. Each of these stores caters to local communities playing Warlord Games tabletop games such as Bolt Action, Black Powder, Cruel Seas, Blood Red Skies and many more!

Recently, we ran a competition where if you, the player, could suggest a new store for us and they signed up, we’d give you a free army box as a reward!

We’ve been busily working away, talking to almost 100 stores suggested by you, and we’ve had our first sign up!

Fantasy Kontor in Adendorf, Germany has joined the Warlord family!

Andreas Jakobi handing over the Free Soviet Army to Alexander Schuris

Here we have the owner, Andreas Jakobi, handing over a Free Soviet Army to Alexander Schuris who recommended them.

Alexander has already started to assemble his models and we look forward to seeing the end results.

Alexander assembling models

Congratulations Alexander!

Do you know a Stockist?

There are still lots of communities around the world that aren’t so lucky as to have a Warlord Games stockist nearby. We want to see that change!

Our Trade Sales Team is always excited to speak to retail stores interested in becoming a Warlord Games stockist. We know that wherever you buy your games and models from, supporting your local store is key to growing the Warlord Games community.

If you know a store that doesn’t currently stock Warlord Games, talk to them, explain who we are and show them that there is a budding community who are eager to buy our great games!

If the store you recommend to us becomes a Warlord Games trade customer within 3 months then we will contact you so that you can choose your free Warlord Games Starter Army!*

So, whether you’re a Bolt Action, Black Powder or Cruel Seas player, talk to your local store, get them involved and get in touch with our trade sales team!


Drop an email to with the stores contact details and we’ll do the rest!



You can check our current stockists here: Warlord Stockists

*Across any Warlord Games branded range, maximum value £90.

Dan Hewitson
Dan can often be found contemplating the mound of unpainted minis building up under his desk. He has a tendency to roll lots of ones. He also has a tendency to complain about rolling lots of ones.