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Academy of Street Fighting: Stalingrad Showdown

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Warlorders Dan & Tom settle their differences in the bombed-out ruins of Stalingrad, using the FREE Academy of Street Fighting downloadable.


Back in the summer, we ran an epic campaign to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. As part of this, we released a landing craft load of free scenarios – some of these used an unofficial skirmish-level ruleset called Firefight!

We’ve taken on your feedback and improved upon the first version, and are very excited to see what you make of it!

The Battlefield

Tom & Dan decided to take the Trench Raid scenario out for a spin. This scenario sees a small Soviet force raid a German defensive position in search of prisoners.

The battlefield is dominated by a large trench running east-west, surrounded by bombed-out buildings and mountains of rubble and wreckage. A metalled road runs north-south, splitting the trench into two sections.

Tom’s German force deploys in a 12″ band centered on the trench, while Dan’s must advance onto the table on the first turn.

At least half the German units must start the battle dug in, which makes them harder to hit, but limits their mobility – they lose any benefit once they move. Tom’s force is relatively static to take advantage of this.

The Forces

Dan’s Soviets Tom’s Germans
  • Veteran 1st Lieutenant + Attendant
  • Inexperienced Commissar + Attendant
  • Two-man Assault Engineer Team
  • Three-man Regular Submachine Gun Team
  • Five-man Inexperienced Infantry Squad with Rifles
  • Regular 1st Lieutenant + Attendant
  • Five-man Infantry Squad with Rifles
  • Regular Sniper Team
  • Veteran Medium Machinegun Team

The Battle

German pioniers on the move.

The streets of Stalingrad were the stage for this clash between web team titans! Dan’s strategy was to launch a lightning-fast assault over the rubble. He’d only need to take one or two prisoners while minimizing his own casualties to win. Using the buildings on the left for cover, his submachine gun armed soldiers were able to overwhelm the German defenders, shielded from the bulk of the fire from the medium machinegun and sniper.

The rubble provided perfect cover, allowing the Soviet riflemen to dig in and pour suppressive fire on the German trenches, preventing Tom from redeploying the rest of his force to help the beleaguered flank. After a few lucky close combat rolls, Dan captured a few prisoners and scarpered for his table edge, winning the scenario 6 points to 4.

Join the Fight!

Make sure you grab your copy of the Academy of Street Fighting from the webstore. It’s also the perfect opportunity to add some new models to your Soviet or German armies!

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Check back next time for Tom and Dan’s clash!

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