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New: British Desert Rats, 8th Army – 1000pt Starter army

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Conquer the desert with the British Desert Rats, 8th Army – 1000pt starter army set! Everything you need to start your Bolt Action army.

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As a special bonus – we’re also giving the first 100 people who purchase this product a free copy of the Western Desert PDF when it becomes available!

The 8th army (known as the Desert Rats) was a field army formation of the British Army, fighting mainly in the Italian and North African campaigns. This army was comprised of many different units coming from, but not limited to, Australia, Canada, Free French Forces, New Zealand and Poland! They also included the V Corps, X Corps, XIII Corps, XXX Corps, I Canadian Corps and the II Polish Corps.

Again, the hand of command regularly changed but one of the most notable commanders was no other than General Bernard Montgomery who was in command from 13 August 1942 to 29 December 1943.

This set contains:

  • 1 x 8th Army HQ Blister Pack
  • 1 x 8th Army Plastic Box Set
  • 1 x 8th Army MMG Team Blister Pack
  • 1 x Universal Carrier
  • 1 x Humber Armoured Car MKII
  • 2 x Valentine II infantry tank
  • 1 x Armies of Great Britain Book
  • 1 x Bolt Action Desert Rat Dice Bag
  • 1 x Order Dice pack – Brown

This force has a lot of bodies in it allowing a much larger control of the battlefield! You’ll be able to maintain battlelines and keep your flanks safe by being able to spread out without the fear of overstretching. This is further reinforced by the large presence of armour which would be able to rapidly deploy in high-risk areas and pose a major threat to your enemy.

You can make this army from this set:

Unit Type: Unit Name: Upgrades: Total Cost:
Headquarters Regular First Lieutenant  +1 extra man 85 pts
Headquarters Regular Medic  – 23 pts
Headquarters Regular Forward Observer Artillery  – Free
Infantry Regular British Infantry Section  +5 extra men, 1x LMG 120 pts
Infantry Regular British Infantry Section  +5 extra men, 1x LMG 120 pts
Infantry Regular British Infantry Section  1x LMG 70 pts
Infantry Regular British Infantry Section  1x LMG 70 pts
Support Regular British MMG Team  – 50 pts
Transport Inexperienced Universal (Bren) Carrier  – 48 pts
Vehicle Regular Humber MKII Armoured Car  – 95 pts
Vehicle Regular Valentine II  – 155 pts
Vehicle Regular Valentine II  – 155 pts
Total Points Cost: 991 pts
This set provides everything you need to get started in Bolt Action. It has been designed to create a competitive 1000 point army which is the standard of Bolt Action games. It also comes with your order dice pack, which contains 12 order dice required to field your army, a thematic British dice bag and a FREE Armies of Great Britain book, essential for all the information about your army and the history of the British & Commonwealth forces 1939-1945!

Note: This is a Web Direct offer set and therefore does not come with an outer box, items will be individually boxed/wrapped within your parcel.

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