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Showcase: Winter Germans by Sascha Herm

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Friend of Warlord, Sascha Herm recently sent through a batch of photos of one of his latest projects – painting our recently released Germans in Winter Gear…

His brush has recently caressed the Command pack, as well as our soon-to-be-released German Heer Panzerschreck, Flamethrower and Sniper Teams (Winter) blister…






Panzerschreck Team



Flamethrower Team



Sniper Team




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Of course, if you’re looking to collect a Winter-themed German force, then your first stop should be the ‘German Winter Assault Bundle’ – which contains everything you need in a one-click deal…

  • 1 x German Heer HQ (Winter)
  • 1 x German Heer MMG Team (Winter)
  • 1 x German Heer 75mm Pak40 Anti-tank Gun Team (Winter)
  • 2 x German Grenadier Squads (Winter)
  • 1 x Schwimmwagen


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