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New: PDF Germania, Hail Caesar supplement

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Available now is our latest Hail Caesar supplement – Germania – as a PDF!


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This 56-page sourcebook, written by Neil Smith, chronicles the devastating blow suffered by the Romans in the Teutoberger Wald at the hands of the Germanic tribes led by Arminius. The battle, also known by the Romans as the Varian Disaster, saw the Germans ambush and destroy three Roman legions and their supporting troops. Find out more about the battle here. The book covers both the battle and the aftermath – a period that was something of a watershed for Rome’s ambitions in Germany…

Germania also covers the varying tribes that made up the Germanic forces as well as scenarios and special rules.


Of course if you decide to buy the softback version rather than the digital, Germania comes with an exclusive miniature free when you buy the book supplement direct from us – the feared chieftain; Dennus Damennus!


Exclusive miniature is only available with physical book not PDF version.

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A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Hail Caesar is written by the hugely talented Rick Priestley who is something of an expert in Ancients gaming. Partly because of his studying in antiquities but some would say that it’s also because he was there for the most part.

Whats inside the book?

– A 200 page full colour, hardback rulebook
– By the award winning team that produced Black Powder
– Covers gaming in periods from biblical times to the Crusades
– An exclusive FREE Roman Centurion miniature – Titus Aduxas – when you order direct from Warlord Games!

While you wait for your copy to arrive in the post, have a sneaky peek of the interior by clicking the image below.

Hail Caesar Interior

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