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Highlight: Hail Caesar – the Ancients Rulebook!

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Hail Caesar – Written by none other than Rick Priestley. This rulebook needs little preamble, so read on to find out all the juicy details!


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5 years ago, Hail Caesar landed with an almighty thump! Written by the hugely talented Rick Priestley who is something of an expert in Ancients gaming. Partly because of his studying in antiquities but some would say that it’s also because he was there for the most part.

So aside from firsthand experience of classical civilisations what else do you get?

– A 200 page full colour, hardback rulebook
– By the award winning team that produced Black Powder
– Covers gaming in periods from biblical times to the Crusades (3000BC to 1500AD)
– An exclusive FREE Roman Centurion miniature – Titus Aduxas – when you order direct from Warlord Games!


Hail Caesar in Store

Hail Caesar Interior

Hail Caesar goes Digital

You can of course, if you prefer a more modern approach, get this fantastic tome on your PC with a simple download from the shop here (though note that you won’t get the cool Titus Aduxas model!):

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Or have a read of this article first to help decide:

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You can also download theses handy Rules Summary and quick reference sheets for free! This download not only has the quick reference sheets but also troop listings to allow you to get your armies on the tabletop as fast as possible. We’ve even sorted it so that you can choose to print it out in full colour or black and white.

Get it all by starting here:


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Hail Caesar – Conquest of Gaul gives you the rules and two starter armies. Perfect for getting stuck into Hail Caesar with your mates.

Read more about this brilliant starting set here:

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Still have questions?

Learn more with these handy Hail Caesar articles penned by Rick himself.

Anyone who is looking for a more general overview on the game rules might like to read the first Hail Caesar update here.

For the really courageous reader there is this detailed account of the hand-to-hand combat system together with examples here.

Anyone needing to plumb the depths of the basing conventions used in Hail Caesar will be relieved to find this exhaustive account here.

And lastly there’s a brief missive about how casualties are represented here.