Ordering for a show pick up

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Collection at Shows

You can indeed place an order for collection at shows our official event teams are attending! Please email us at info@warlordgames.com with a list of the items, which event you would like to collect them at, and if you would prefer to pay now or at the event. We do however ask that you make sure your order is in by the weekend before the event in question. We may not be able to take orders placed after this time due to casting times for models.

So check out where the next show is going to be and plan your trip to see us, and the fantastic games, at one or more of the many events around the world this year!

Discover an event near you >>


Salute 2019 link

As always, if you have any order related questions don’t hesitate to call our award-winning customer service team on: 0115 978 0386.


Ordering a pre-order item?
Want to order other items along with the pre-order?

You can indeed order any items along with the pre-order item but please note; All orders placed that include a pre-order item will be held until that items release date. If you’d rather not wait for your other goodies then please place 2 separate orders, this way we can ensure you get your goodies as early as possible and you’ll be one of the first to receive your pre-ordered item(s)!


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