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Ordering for a show pick up

Collection at Shows You can indeed place an order for collection at shows our official event teams are attending! Please email us at info@warlordgames.com with a list of the items, which event you would like to collect them at, and if you would prefer to pay now or at the event. We do however ask that…

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New: Gates Of Antares, Askar Mercenary Warriors

A race long thought extinct now reveals itself! The Askar – Mercenary Warriors, psychologically and physically specialised as fighters, now enter the Antarean arena as mercenaries for (almost) any force! View in Store Who are the Askar? The Askar of ancient times lived in hive-like cities called congregates with a number of sister-hives forming a…

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New: Bolt Action Western Desert Book and Special Miniature

Western Desert Campaign book is now available as a PDF or eBook! View in Store View in Store The British 8th Army, including Commonwealth troops from many nations, fights to stave off the overwhelming German and Italian Axis forces in this latest Bolt Action Campaign book – The Western Desert! View in Store When compared…