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New: Type 91 So-Mo Armoured Car

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Taking over the Pacific is the Imperial Japanese forces, armed with the new Type 91 So-Mo Armoured Car.

Type 91 So-Mo Armoured Car Road

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Also referred to as the Type 91 broad-gauge railroad tractor, the So-Mo has the unusual distinction of being able to quickly switch from road to rail. The So-Mo and its six crew could achieve speeds of around 25 miles per hour on roads and almost twice that on railroads.

Fielded by both the Imperial Japanese Army and the SNLF during World War II, the six-wheel-drive So-Mo also served in the 1937 Japanese invasion of China. The vehicle did not have integral weapons, but the crew often carried a 7.7mm machine gun that was fired through the observation ports in the turret.

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Type 91 So-Mo Armoured Car Railroad

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Impervious to small arms fire, this armoured car is the perfect escort to any infantry squad as it is able to act as support, a shield or a distraction for the infantry; cheap in points, it’ll make a great addition to any force.

The Type 91 So-Mo on the battlefield

(Both vehicles have the same profile)

Cost: 44pts (inexperienced), 55pts (Regular), 66pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted LMG.
Damage value: 7+ (armoured car).

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For Japan!


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Expand your Imperial forces and prepare for the invasion today!


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