New: Sd.Kfz 233 armoured car

Released this week alongside our new plastic Blitzkrieg Germans is this new Bolt Action armoured car – the Sd.Kfz 233.

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Seeing action in the Western Desert with the Deutsche Afrika Korps, on the Russian Front, in Italy, and in NW Europe, the Sd.Kfz 233 was armed with a short barreled 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24 gun in an open fighting compartment. Its assault gun was intended to provide supporting fire for the more lightly-armed 8-Rad 231 and 232 armoured cars in the German Aufklarungs (reconnaissance) companies. This splendid new resin and metal model comes complete with two crewmen.

In German forces, armoured cars were intended for the traditional cavalry missions of reconnaissance and screening. There main job was to scout ahead and to the flank of advancing mechanised units assessing enemy location, strength and intention.

All the rules for this army can be found in the first supplement for Bolt Action, Armies of Germany. It covers the forces of the Third Reich be they in Italy, France, Russia, Africa or the last days of Berlin.

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This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of Germany. Detailed army lists allow players to construct German armies for any theatre and any year of the war, including the early campaigns in Poland and France, the dusty tank war in the North African desert, the bloody battles on the Eastern Front, and the final defence of Normandy, occupied France and Germany itself. With dozens of different unit types including Fallschirmjager, Waffen-SS, and the dreaded Tiger tank, players can assemble a huge variety of troops with which to battle their opponents.


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