New Release: Bolt Action Kubelwagen

Widely used across the German Armed forces in all theatres of operations, the Volkswagen Kubelwagen is as iconic a vehicle for the Germans as the Willys Jeep was for the Americans. As such we simply had to add it to our Bolt Action WWII German range.

Volkswagen Kubelwagen 1

Volkswagen Kubelwagen 2

The Bolt Action Kubelwagen is a beautiful little rein and metal kit. The Kubelwagen comes with two options – raised canopy or folded back. There is also the option for a pintle-mounted MG42 should you wish to add aittle punch to this light vehicle.

This model is ideal as a transport for important dignitaries or military commanders in your army as well as acting as a great little transport in the field. Alternately it makes a fine target for assassination scenarios.

Volkswagen Kubelwagen with MG42 1

Volkswagen Kubelwagen with MG42 2

Volkswagen Kubelwagen with MG42 3

The driver is included and he has two head options – the field cap version shown as well as a covered helmet option. The Kubelwagen works for either a German Army or Waffen-SS force. This highly detailed new Bolt Action vehcile is waiting to be added to your army of the Reich in the Warlord webstore.