New: Plastic Barn and Church

Two fabulous releases this week for any gaming table and both are 1/56th scale hard plastic specifically made for 28mm gaming.

Ramshackle Barn

First up we have a Ramshackle Barn ideal for most periods. The Barn comes in kit form and consists of two identical frames to construct the roof, side walls, lean-to front and back. Plus one frame for Barn front and back, lean-to roof and wall. Extra parts on the frames are two ladders, two pitch forks and a cart wheel so lots of options available during assembly.

RENAC Weather Board American Church, 1750 – Modern Day

Secondly we have an American church which can be used during Black Powder era games all the way up to modern day. The box contains 1 church building kit over three frames and includes 2 gravestones and 100cm of Picket fencing on two separate frames.