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Rules for Fighting Miniature Battles


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Open Combat is a fast paced tabletop skirmish game in which you create the heroes, adventures and battles of your imagination.

You can guide the ragtag remains of a Roman expedition force through barbarian territory, become a Saxon Lord with his retinue as they face off against a local rival, or chart the story of a group of adventurers fighting for fortune and glory in a goblin-infested wilderness… It could be anything you wish to play out on the tabletop.

You will need: area: 24″x24″, Dice3xD6, Models: 3-12 Time: 30-60 Mins


Inside the book you will find:

  • A unique profile and warband construction system.
  • Rules for movement, combat, different weapons, skills, abilities, terrain and hazards.
  • Multiple scenarios.
  • Campaign rules for linking games together and/or developing your warband.
  • Plus hints, tips and sample lists.


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Every one of us must fight our own battles.

Each of us has obstacles and opposition to overcome, hardships to endure.

Along the we may call on friends or compatriots to join the fight for a time. Sharing the burdens and celebrating the successes. But in the end it is up to us as individuals to make the real difference.

You will not always be victorious, you may often be laid low by circumstances or situations beyond your control.

But know this… you will have your day.

So shake off the shadows of the past. Don your armour, gather your weapons and focus your mind.

Let the whole world know your worth as you enter Open Combat.