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New: Later Achaean Warriors

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Cutting Edge Miniatures bring 2 fresh new Later Achaean units to your Bronze age armies:

Later Achaean Armoured Spearmen

Achaean or later Mycenaean Warriors clad in armour and armed with Spear, Sword and Shield.
Pack contains 8 figures

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Later Achaean Armoured Spearmen with Diplyon Shield

Achaean or Later Mycenaean Armoured Warriors with Sword, Spear and Diplyon Shield.
Also suitable for use as ‘Achille’s Myrmidons’ of the Trojan War and as “Proto-Hoplite” Greeks of the early Iron Age, before the adoption of the full Hoplite panoply.
Pack contains 8 figures

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Expand your army

Armies of the Later Minoans, Mycenaeans and other Aegean city-states, such as Troy, in western Anatolia, can be built using this range of figures.

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