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Sarissa Precision are leading the assault on the beaches with the most common American landing craft of WWII – the LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel).

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Kit Dimensions L220 x W70 x H45mm approx.
Features working ramp & etched detailing.
Made from MDF & Greyboard

The LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel) Higgins boat could hold either a 36-man platoon, a jeep and a 12-man squad, or 8,000 lb (3.6 t) of cargo. Its shallow draft (3 feet aft and 2 feet, 2 inches forward) & clever design that protected the propeller, enabled it to run right up onto the shoreline. The steel ramp at the front could be lowered quickly allowing troops to swiftly disembark, the boat could then reverse itself off the beach, and head back out to the supply ship for another load within three to four minutes.

In Bolt Action

Using the basic rules for Landing Craft, Personnel from the Amphibious Assault update:

Cost: 40pts (inexperienced), 50pts (Regular), 60pts (Veteran)
Weapons: one MMG covering the front and left arc, one MMG covering the front and right arc
Damage value: 6+ light tank
Transport: 36 men
Special Rules: Slow
May only move in areas of deep or shallow water, being treated as a tracked vehicle for speed and turning ability


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The LCVP joins the Navy’s growing fleet including the LCM:

Rich Landing Craft

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