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New: Konflikt ’47 Cromwell Tesla Cannon Turret

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It’s time to re-arm the British front-line with top of the line weaponry, starting with the Tesla Cannon for the Cromwell.


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The power of the Tesla Cannon is something not to trifle with, but must be used to stop the abominations coming from the German lines. The Tesla Cannon pulsates powerful electricity through its enemies, shocking tank crews to death and obliterating squadrons alike. Whilst relatively being short ranged, it more than makes up for it with its power and versatility.

Upgrade your Bolt Action force!


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The Cromwell is the standard British tank, the go-to for the British forces, and in combination with the independent Tesla Cannon turret you can have a multi-purpose tank for both Bolt Action and Konflikt ’47!

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Units re-armed and ready for the front!


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