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New: German Pak 36 + Pak 36 Stielgranate

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The newly re mastered 3.7cm Pak 36 AT gun also comes with an all new pack equipped with the new Stielgranate, making it a double threat against enemy armour!

Pak 36


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The standard issue German anti-tank gun in 1939, it equipped the Panzerjäger battalions, Pak is short for Panzerwehrkanone – anti-tank gun, and 36 indicates the year the weapon was designed). It was arguably the best anti-tank gun in the world at the onset of war, but was quickly outclassed by heavier armour on enemy tanks. Still 15,000 were produced for Germany and its allies and it was still in service in 1945.

The Pak 36 is the anti-tank gun the Germans always defaulted to because of it’s reliability and prowess. It was also relatively easy to handle and quite mobile, only needing two men to bring it into action.


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Pak 36 Stielgranate

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In order to extend its usefulness the Stielgranate 41 hollow-charge ammunition round was developed. This large, fin-stabilised shell fitted over the end of the barrel, but did not have a very long range.


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Upgrade for Operation Sea Lion!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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Recruiting in store today!


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