New: Freeborn Skyraider Squad

Swift reinforcements are on their way for the Freeborn forces – in the form of the Skyraider Squad!


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The Skyraider design is a templated solo transporter concept that is in widespread use by the Vardari. It is an extremely lightly constructed machine best suited to rapid exploration and scouting. It carries twinned mag repeaters, a combination that throws out a great deal of firepower without stressing the machine’s limited energy cycle.


Skyraiders are designed more along the lines of personal transports than fighting machines, but their speed often means they are the first to encounter enemy forces and the first to come to blows. They are propelled by a mix of suspensors and vortex jets (cyclone thrusters) utilising suspensor technology to drive a vortex of air. In airless environments more powerful suspensors or reaction thrusters are substituted.


Skyraider Schematic

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Matt Houghton Skyraiders

We’ve also had a set of Skyraiders painted by Matt Houghton in a striking Yellow colour scheme


We also took the studio Skyraiders and gave them the turntable treatment – click the image below to see them in 360 degrees!

Skyraiders Bannered

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