New: Bovan Tuk – Mhagris Mercenary Leader

Our second model release for Beyond the Gates of Antares is the fearsome Mhagris Mercenary Leader, Bovan Tuk.

The Mhagris are a primitive tribe that live upon a feral world – a world that long ago reverted to savagery and its people to barbarism. There are many such worlds throughout Antarean space. Unless feral worlds are of strategic importance, or possessed of rare and valuable resources, they are ignored by more advanced societies. It’s from such worlds that the Varda of the Freeborn often recruit and train mercenaries, one of the prime commodities that the Houses of the Varda trade throughout Antarean space.

Our Mhagris mercenary character is well known as the occasional companion of Hansa Nairoba, and is wanted by several Houses of the Varda for contract breaking, smuggling, and dallying with royal princesses. He is called Bovan Tuk. Bovan – who generally goes by the name of Bo or Boey – carries the best and most sophisticated weapons that money can buy, but he also wears many of the savage trappings of his people as befits the leader amongst a proud warrior race.


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