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Konflikt ’47 One Month On plus Resources Files

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Wow, what a start! When the game hit the streets on 6 August we were quietly hoping that it would meet with a broad level of approval and slowly insert itself as a game people wanted to try. As it transpired, the game hit the streets, went a bit crazy and shot off down the road like a scalded cat. A huge thank you to everyone who has backed our little adventure and is now eagerly waiting for the next release….

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With a month now passed we thought it fitting to provide the (now significant) player community with an update on what happens next. Partly to assure you there is plan and partly to keep ourselves on track in order to deliver everything we’ve promised.

Firstly, Warlord have published the miniature release schedule until Christmas, with January and February next year likely to see everything released from the core rulebook except the two massive walkers which may be delayed a couple of months in order to cast enough stock. This is a valid issue, the scale of demand for Konflikt ’47 has overwhelmed parts of the Warlord Games HQ and the resin casters in particular are working flat out to keep the models flowing.

View the KF’47 release schedule

Obviously we then need to get the Wave 2 (for want of a better name) models in the pipeline for later next year. The good news is we have that in hand and British Grenadiers, Canine units, towed artillery, Paragons, Heavy Infantry Officers, Special Characters and more are all in various stages of concept and design. In addition it seems that many, many people are looking forward to the Japanese contribution to the game, so we’re not planning on disappointing.

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Whilst the design and sculpting work goes on, the rules need to be developed for these additional units. Again, work has already started and will continue right up to a models release. On the subject of rules, much has been made of the BA v1 / Konflikt’47 / BA v2 relationship so it’s worth adding a little here. Konflikt was never intended to be a supplement to BA, it was conceived as a stand-alone game, both to allow variations required for the genre and to keep BA free of our particular brand of weirdness. The fact it’s written by Clockwork Goblin rather than Warlord also makes a little separation easier to manage. Obviously we have endeavoured to maintain compatibility wherever possible and that principle will remain – but is not set in stone. Units from BA ‘Armies of…’ and Theatre Books are usable in Konflikt’47 if players are in agreement, but may not be balanced or fully coherent with the Konflikt rules.

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With the release of BA v2, there is clearly going to be some changes to the core BA rules that will be of benefit to Konflikt ’47. Certainly from what we’ve seen, several of the changes are most certainly for the better. However, it’s probably prudent to let v2 bed itself in for a while before we leap into changing anything in Konflikt. So please be a patient, we fully plan to ‘poach’ the best bits from v2, but only after we’ve had a good look at them and checked them against our slightly different mechanics. We don’t see any issues here, just prudent checks and balances. Obviously, if you are at home or your club and want to smash the two versions together, crack on, we’d be interested to hear the results!

So, one month in and the three (yes, only three) of us behind Konflikt ’47 are gasping for breath and trying to work out how we maintain this excellent start around our respective families and jobs. Looking ahead, it all looks positive, lots in the pipeline, plans for a supplement later next year and a chance to take this game to another level with the continued support of Warlord and Osprey .

Hopefully you’ll all have as much fun playing this game as we’ve had bringing it to life. The next few years promise to be an interesting blend of creative effort, gaming heroics and (hopefully) some opportunities to get out and meet you, the players, at shows and events.

Many thanks for your support from the Clockwork Goblin team – Chris, Russ and Aitch.

Do you want an Index?

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Using Bolt Action Armies of … books in Konflikt’47

Units from BA Army and Theatre Books are usable in Konflikt’47 if players are in agreement, but may not be balanced or fully coherent with the Konflikt rules.

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The Army books take an in-depth look at their specific armies and include all the vehicles stats and troop types that you can field in both games and are a great way to get to grips with your army.

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The Theatre books take it a step further, looking at all the antagonists in a particular battle or series of battles along with any specific units and their stats. Check them out in store today and build your forces for Konflikt’47 and Bolt Action!

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If you’re looking to learn more about the world of Konflikt ’47 – take a look at this article direct from the lead writer… then head over to the Warlord webstore, and gather reinforcements

Watch Warlorder Ches take the fantastic John and Justin from the Beasts Of War crew through their first game of Konflikt ’47:

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