Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar: History’s Greatest Generals Round 1!

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Last month, we launched our competition to find history’s greatest general. This week, we’re diving into the results of round one!

With the aid of a certain blue box-piloting time-traveler, we’ve assembled eight of history’s greatest generals (that are made by Warlord Games.) For a little bit more about each of them, check out last month’s article!

William of Normandy vs Vercingetorix

Duke William’s unstoppable charge smashed into his Gallic ancestor. Light on his feet, Vercingetorix attempted to Feint but dodged right into William’s swinging mace. Having lost over half his Might to a single strike, Vercingetorix ducked behind his brightly painted shield in a desperate attempt to recover. Unfortunately, the wily bastard of Normandy chose to Feint, his mace crushing the Gaul’s skull and ending the duel.

Leonidas vs Alfred

Like the clash of Gallic giants beforehand, the duel between Leonidas, king of Sparta and Alfred of Wessex was decided in a single exchange. With the luck of blessed Athena on his side, Leonidas’ first spear thrust impaled Alfred before he could even raise his sword to counter-attack.

Caesar vs Ariovistus

Things did not go so well for Julius Caesar – in their first clash, Ariovistus unhorsed the cocky Roman with a single blow of his mighty axe, taking a few scratches in return. In the next exchange, the combatants circled each other, licking their wounds.

Before the German could wind up another swing of his gigantic axe, Caesar darted in with an Attack, opposed by the Footwork action. The resulting damage brought Ariovistus to his knees. Roma Victor!

Alexander vs Arthur

The legendary scourge of the Saxons and king of the Britons could not outsmart Macedon’s favourite son, finding himself skewered on an outthrust lance when both combatants attempted simultaneous Attack actions.

As the vanquished Briton slumps to the ground, the first round of our competition comes to a close!

Here are the results for this week’s clash of giants! Keep an eye on the newsletter for the next round over the coming weeks!

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