Community: Talk Wargaming

We Warlords are constantly beavering-away at our own hobby projects – whether it’s pieces of Antarean terrain being forged by the Warehouse crew, some of the rarer WWII vehicles being brought to life by the Production team, all manner of bizarre conversions coming out of the Web Team, and painted models emerging from every corner of Warlord HQ…

…but, of course, what’s more exciting for us is the constant flood of photographs and reports that pour in every day from the community all across the globe!

As part of our on-going look out into the community, this week we’ve been chatting with the guys over at TalkWargaming.

Talk Wargaming2

Talk Wargaming is a home to all things wargaming. Crewed by avid wargamers and hobbyists, the Talk Wargaming team aims to bring you content that you can find helpful in your wargaming endeavours while at the same time being entertained and kept up to date with the latest industry news.


If you prefer your dose of wargaming delivered in video format then Talk Wargaming also has a growing Youtube Channel. Here you can find reviews, interviews and tutorials designed to help you get the most out of your hobby experience. With its simple yet effective painting guides you can get your miniatures painted in no time.


So – head over to the TalkWargaming site and YouTube channel to see the latest wargaming news, and look out for more unboxings coming over the next few weeks!